“Just being in your presence feeds my soul. I love your realness.”

–Executive Director


Ross Findon

“Oh. You’re good.”

–After a short session, one-on-one with a newly promoted manager


for Leaders in Transitions

Individuals: in-person or virtual 


Personal One-on-one Experience:  weekly or every-other-week sessions focused on your specific goals and issues as they arise

Co-hort Mastermind Groups:  periodic group coaching which offers the benefit of targeted professional development support along with an increased network of like-minded professionals. Inquiry today about the next group – your perfect cohort may be forming right now!

Coaching Packages for Businesses with Social Impact and Nonprofits

Coaching on Retainer – Customized and exclusive. Support your team through culture change and the ongoing challenges of leadership.

Meeting Facilitation – Discussion-based transition support. Let’s talk about that elephant in the room and shape the future together

Mini-sessions and Team Building – Treat your staff to a Leadership Day!


Packages Customized to Meet Your Specific Culture and Needs



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