From Concern To Action Mini-Course


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Pour yourself a cup. Pull up a chair.
Make space for yourself in the discussion and emotion of the day.
We can do this.
Say adios to the division of 2020 (whew) and jump start your 2021 with healing and growth.
It's time to get to work - but what does that mean?

Allyship. Community. Growth. Healing. Real Change.

So, what's next?

A Virtual Mini-Course and Community to Help You Find Meaningful Action in 2021

We believe in Good Trouble.
This space is feminist. Anti-racist.
Growth and learning are values, not destinations.

What you get:
* 8 week virtual mini-course, 1.5 hours each week
(Plus 1 Bonus week!)
* Small Cohort Groups of < 20
* Private virtual channel to share ah-ha's, resources, & camaraderie
* Personalized Action Plan
* Expert Speakers on transformative nonprofit work, grassroots organizing, local & national policy opportunities and surprises!
* One 1-on-1 coaching session with Sally

What you gain:
+Deeper understanding of specific ways to efficiently & effectively apply your energy/time/expertise to healthier, stronger communities
+Personal, choose-your-own-adventure plan (learn what holds you back from making the change you want to see & develop a plan to do it anyway)
+Discussion and support; a safe space

How will it work?

We will:
- Do the work and support each other in doing the work
- Learn together. No one has the answers for you. Answers continue to evolve over time
-Reduce your roadblocks
-Nurture each other
-Translate your concern into action

We will not:
-expect any women of color to do the work for us (but as necessary, we will be corrected, redirected and maybe get our butts kicked. We'll get ourselves back up b/c the work is too important for fragile egos)

We know:
-change is inevitable
-change is hard

Ready to activate?

Civic Engagement + Social Identity
Inclusion + Equity


Limited number of spots. Excited for you to join us in healing and changing for the good.