Freak Out A Little – Then Let’s Get To Work

Dec/7 By

Great blog post by Vu Le of Nonprofit with Balls. Holistic sustainable leadership. Yes! Absolutely.  

The Fear Default

Oct/30 By

A Clear Warning We were sitting in her office at the small conference table set aside for working and for difficult conversations. Like any busy CEO, every light on the

Leadership: But What’s After Air Traffic Control?

Sep/7 By

One of the unspoken fears about succession planning is – what then? What happens when my team is functional, cross-trained and confident in their work? What happens when others hold

5 Reasons You Probably Don’t Have a Succession Plan

Aug/4 By

  You just aren’t doing it. That slight look of panic and exasperated eye roll don’t count. Everybody is waiting on someone else to start it. The CEO is waiting

Texas CASA Conference – Let’s talk about Blue Bell

Jul/8 By

I’m delighted to share that I will be talking about Blue Bell, crisis and leadership at the Texas CASA conference in San Marcos on November 6, 2015. Hope to see

Giving City Austin, June 2015: Are Nonprofits Ready for Their Leaders to Quit?

Jun/22 By

Nonprofit leaders are thinking about leaving. Boards are wondering about it. Staff are waking up at night worrying what will happen if there is a leadership transition. Being prepared is

What if succession planning were fun?

May/16 By

What if you could look forward to a process that stretched, strengthened and woke you up to the possibilities of “what’s next”? Whether you are a nonprofit leader, a board

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