5 Reasons You Probably Don’t Have a Succession Plan


  1. You just aren’t doing it. That slight look of panic and exasperated eye roll don’t count.
  2. Everybody is waiting on someone else to start it. The CEO is waiting on HR. The board is waiting on the CEO. HR is asking questions but no one is answering. Leadership staff are getting a little testy. Committed donors are grumbling.
  3. Ain’t nobody got time for that. We are running a business here, paying salaries and changing the world. We are already working more hours than we should. There’s no time for one. more. plan.
  4. It’s both deceptively easy and so so hard. A quick Google search turns up checklists and templates, a paralyzing number of possibilities. But where do you start? How does it really happen? Who has time to do this??
  5. It hurts. We don’t want to talk about it, especially in front of our staff or our board. As staff and board, we don’t want to appear disloyal or greedy. We may be here precisely because of the person in the leadership role. Endings are hard and bringing it up feels like betrayal or picking a fight.

Organizations understand the need to have a plan, a strong leadership bench, and resources to ensure the future. But we all know that planning can be messy and intimidating.

Planning, if done well, can also offer growth and renewal for everyone on the team. Succession planning fails to get off the ground, not because isn’t important or because organization’s don’t need it. Succession planning is tough.

Working together, we are tougher.

Let’s talk about how I can help you get started or renew your stalled planning process.