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are a nonprofit executive leader in it for the right reasons. You're passionate, smart - and you're committed to making the world better. But the work is hard, change is harder, and it can feel overwhelming. Some days you wonder if the system is against you.


Changemakers (like you) face many challenges in championing more equitable & sustainable communities. There are a lot of stakeholder needs to balance - from clients to staff, your board to your donors and, of course, gaining and keeping the greater community trust. On top of it all - leadership requires you to do your personal work so you can show up every day ready to do your best. It’s a lot.



are here for you and for each other. Executive leadership can be lonely and knowledge alone can only take us so far. We are here to support you and your organization's journey. You may be thinking “I can’t add another thing…” We see you and we’ve designed this to fit. Based on best practices, we'll share, brainstorm, hold space, find common struggles and learn to focus our energy in the most impactful ways.

You'll gain perspective on your personal leadership style and on the struggles of like-minded nonprofit leaders. You’ll emerge with more, not less.

The Changemaker Leadership Cohort includes:

Bi-weekly small group sessions (8 total) curated and facilitated by me, based on your needs. (And maybe a surprise guest expert!)

Very limited number of 'seats'. Save yours now!

  • Work with your peers on the real deal of leadership, particularly in this time of societal expansion and contraction.
  • We will focus on the 3 Fundamentals of Sustainable Leadership: (1) Skills Building (2) Personal Leadership Development (3) Supportive Community.
  • We will move beyond the headlines and support each other in asking the hard questions that will inspire change and move our missions.

Monthly one-on-one coaching sessions

4 total sessions with me. This is your time. We can dig deeper into specific struggles, work together to move the needle on a sticky project, help you to find balance, or whatever else you need. *Monthly sessions must be scheduled and completed by October 31, 2021.



Cohort meetings will take place on Tuesdays, 3 - 4:30 p.m.

  • June 1, 15, 29
  • July 13, 27
  • Aug 10, 24
  • Sept 7

More questions? Check out our FAQ's.