“My only regret in working with Sally was that I didn’t hire her sooner,” - CEO and Founder

“Oh. You’re good.”  After a short coaching session with a newly promoted manager

Coaching and Consulting Services


One-on-one focused time to work on your specific goals along with issues as they arise. What holds you back? What scares you? What confuses you? How can we create an actionable plan and help you move forward? Customized and personal, sessions are confidential. 

Our sessions are casual and fun while getting the heart of the matter. Change can be hard and overwhelming. I'll be your guide and help you clear out the noise so that you can focus on your purpose and gifts (even if you don't know what they are!)

Use this time to create the life you want - instead of passively waiting for something to happen.

“I just love working with you! You have helped my mindset evolve on so many levels. With my business, friendships and relationships, outlook on certain situations - LIFE! I’ve never been so calm and anxiety free after working with you. I am eternally grateful for our paths crossing and being connected to you.” - Coaching client and small business owner


  • Leadership staff support through organizational and cultural change
  • Key leadership succession planning
  • Transition facilitation
  • Environmental scan
  • Strategic planning
  • Visioning
  • Meeting and retreat facilitation
  • Organizational assessment
  • Customized team development experiences and training

“There is not a mess she can’t untangle or help someone else untangle. Not one. Because she sees people for who they really are, and celebrates success and encourages along the way, she is uniquely poised to find the right roads through big challenges.” Development Director

Sample Speaking and Training Sessions

Workshop: Contingency Planning (Creatives Meet Business) (April '20)

Webinar:  Succession Planning How To Get Started (Chronicle of Philanthropy – Organizational Effectiveness)  (October ’19)

Workshop: Asking Better Questions for networking and client relationship building (Creatives Meet Business Experience) (Sept ’19)

Working Parents Workshop (Capital Group) (April ’19)

Sustainable leadership requires a holistic approach, one that takes into account much more than the hours spent on your job. My approach is presence-based, supportive and thoughtfully challenging. It’s also fun.



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